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    Business Innovation Visa
    Subclass 188
    1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect
    2. Be nominated by a state / territory government
    Initial Requirements
    Item Subclass 188 innovation stream
    Age Under 55 years of age (unless you are exempt)
    Points Test Score 65 (Passmark)
    Net Assets
    (Business + Personal)
    At least AU$800,000 (Partner incl.) lawfully acquired and available for legal transfer to Australia within 2 years of the visa being granted
    Turnover & Business Stake Turnover:
    At least AU$500,000 in each 2 years of the 4 fiscal years immediately before the visa application Stake:
    · 51% - Business turnover of less than AU$400,000/year
    · 30% - Business turnover of AU$400,000 or more/year
    · 10% - Business as a publicly listed company
    English Language Ability IELTS Minimum Overall 5.0
    Visa Validity 4 years
    Points Test
    Factor Description Points
    Age 18 – 24 years 20
    25 – 32 years 30
    33 – 39 years 25
    40 – 44 years 20
    45 – 54 years 15
    55 and older 0
    English Language Ability Vocational English (IELTS 5.0) 5
    Proficient English (IETLS 7.0) 10
    Qualifications Australian trade certificate, diploma or bachelor degree by an Australian education institute; or

    A bachelor qualification recognised by an education institution of a recognised standard
    Bachelor degree in business, science or technology by an Australian institute; or

    A bachelor qualification by an education institute of a recognised standard
    Financial Assets Net business and personal assets of you, your partner or you and your partner combined in each of the preceding two years of at least:
    AU$800,000 5
    AU$1.3 million 15
    AU$1.8 million 25
    AU$2.25 million 35
    Business Turnover Annual turnover in your main business during a period of at least two years of the preceding four fiscal years of at least:  
    AU$500,000 5
    AU$1 million 15
    AU$1.5 million 25
    AU$2 million 35
    Special Endorsement The nominating state or territory government agency could decide that your proposed business is of unique and important benefit to the state or territory where the nominating government agency is located 10
    Business Experience You have held one or more businesses before you were invited to apply for the visa for:  
    Not less than four years within the preceding five years 10
    Not less than seven years within the preceding eight years 15
    Business Innovation Qualifications

    At the time of invitation to apply for the visa:
    Evidence of registered patents or registered designs 15
    Evidence of registered trademarks 10
    Evidence of formal joint venture agreements 5
    Evidence of export trade 15
    Evidence of ownership interest in a gazelle business 10
    Evidence of receipt of grants or venture capital funding 10
    State / Territory Nomination Requirements
    NSW 12 weeks · Fee: AU$820 (Offshore) / AU$902 (Onshore)
    · Meet DIPB criteria
    · Must be less than 55 years of age
    · Business turnover for at least 2 of the 4 fiscal years immediately before the application is made:
      - AU$1 million (Migration to Sydney)
      - AU$500,000 (Migration to Regional NSW)
    · Net Assets (Business + Personal):
      - AU$1.3 million (Migration to Sydney)
      - AU$ 800,000 (Migration to Regional NSW); in line with DIBP criteria
    · Business Investment:
      - AU$500,000 in Sydney
      - AU$300,000 in Regional NSW
    · Removal of 'Excluded Industry Sector¹' (from 1 January 2016)
    VIC 4 weeks · A genuine commitment to remain in VIC and to engage in ongoing eligible business activity within 23 months of visa activation
    · No less than AU$400,000 for business activity in VIC
    · Meet DIBP criteria
    QLD 2 weeks · Fee: AU$500
    · Investment Fund:
      - AU$500,000 in Brisbane and Gold Cost
      - AU$300,000 in regional QLD
    · Must be less than 55 years of age
    · Preferable investment in:
      - Agribusiness
      - Tourism Infrastructure, resources
      - Infrastructure,
      - Education and Training Sectors (particularly in regional QLD)
    · Meet DIBP criteria
    · Complete Business proposals based on the individual applicant's skills, experience and potential business opportunity
    SA - · Meet DIBP criteria
    WA - · Fee: AU$500
    · An ownership interest and direct management up to 2 main businesses which had a min. turnover of AU$500,000 in each of those years
    · Ownership interest as follows:
      - 51%, when turnover is less than AU$400,000/year
      - 30%, when turnover is AU$400,000 or more/year
      - 10%, when the business is a publicly listed company
    · Net Assets (Business + Personal): AU$850,000
    · AU$50,000 for settlement and ongoing living costs
    · Meet DIBP criteria
    ACT 30 days · Fee: AU$600
    · AU$200,000 to establish or purchase a business in Canberra
    · Meet DIBP criteria
    NT - · Meet DIBP criteria
    · Favourable business activities in NT:
      - Mining and energy
      - Tourism and International Education
      - Primary industries and fisheries / food exports
    TAS - · Meet DIBP criteria
    · Must be less than 55 years of age
    · AU$800,000 transferable assets
    ¹Cafes & Restaurants, Takeaway Food Services, Retailings
    Permanent (Subclass 888)
    - You must have been in Australia for at least 1 year in the 2 years immediately before you apply.
    Business Activity 2 years immediately before you apply Note
    Annual Turnover · AU$300,000 and over
    · 51% of a business with a turnover of less than AU$400,000/year
    · 30% of a business with a turnover of AU$400,000 or more /year
    · 10% of a publicly listed company
    12 months before you apply
    Net Assets
    AU$200,000 and over You must achieve at least 2 of the following requirements
    Net Assets
    AU$600,000 and over
    Employment Employing at least 2 full-time employees throughout the year immediately before you apply:
    Australian Citizens / Permanent Residents / NZ Passports Holders
    ※ NOT Your Family Members
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